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Successful People: Our clients are really successful personally, professionally and financially! We feel incredibly fortunate to partner with such amazing people. Too often, however, life feels uncertain. We built HF3 so that you can feel confident moving forward.

Financial Complexity: Our clients have a lot going on in life! We focus our efforts to help you address the complexities that success often brings. We built HF3 to help simplify your life.

High Stakes: As a byproduct of their success and complexity, our clients have a lot on the line! Our clients tend to have financial investments ranging from $1-$10mm. We built HF3 to specialize in the planning, investment, tax, protection and estate considerations unique and specific to this level of wealth.

Trusted Partner: Our clients want to partner with an experienced team along their journey. We take that responsibility very seriously. We want to build deep and personal relationships that endure over time. We built HF3 so that you get the type of experience you want.

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