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Humor, faith, family and finances - aren't these also the guiding principles of why we do financial planning? 

Humor: We believe life is meant to be enjoyed! To laugh, smile and see the good in our every day helps us to get through the many challenges and inevitable twists and turns that will come our way. We want to help our clients live full lives and work with you in a professional, yet deeply personal and enjoyable way.

: We must have a belief in our plans, our future and, most importantly, one another to successfully navigate through uncertainty. We want to help our clients to always move forward in the right direction.

: We want to live robust lives with those whom we love most. This is the reason we plan. We want to help our clients figure out how best to do that. 

: We need to take care of our financial picture in order to do the things we love. Putting the finances together in a well-thought and understandable way is the key to building confidence in our future. We want to help our clients feel this confidence so that they can focus on the more meaningful parts of their lives. In the end, HF3 is an homage to my father. It's also a commitment to you to always focus on what really matters.

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