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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not charge for an initial meeting. Our goal is to better understand your situation to see if we might be the right fit for you. If not, we'll tell you. If we feel like we are, then we'll show you our financial framework, how we partner with our clients on an ongoing basis and the costs of our services.

The short answer is no. We don't have account minimums. Generally, our clients have between $1,000,000 - $10,000,000 in investment assets. HF3 is focused on providing the types of services and experience for people in that level of wealth. Please note, while we don't have a minimum asset level, we do have a minimum engagement fee for new clients of $5000 per year. This minimum may be a combination of financial planning fees, asset-based fees and/or commissions.

For most clients, we are primarily paid an annual fee based on the assets invested with HF3. We charge quarterly, in advance, for our services. This fee covers both our financial planning and investment management.

Here is our fee schedule:

  • 1.25% of the first $1,000,000
  • 1% from $1,000,000 to $3,000,000
  • .5% above $3,000,000

For some account types, we may charge a commission in lieu of an asset-based fee.

In some cases, we may charge separately for financial planning in addition to asset-based fees and/or commissions.

Yes, we are a fiduciary. As a boutique and independent firm, our commitment is to always give advice and implement strategies that are in your best interest.